About the Editing and Photography


Dave Giles has worked on such corporate brands as 3M, Yahoo, Google, Panasonic, Canon and Chevrolet, for whom his brand campaign “Music” won the 2002 Kelly Award. Giles has directed or designed projects for Sprint, HP and Technics. In 2005, he was film editor of the feature documentary on music legend Cecil Taylor entitled All the Notes (directed by Christopher Felver). He is currently a lead creative at the Ad Store.

William Davis is a producer/editor/writer known for his ability to bring out the best elements of a story. For this reason he is often brought in to polish film projects after the first cut, identifying and perfecting those elements which make each film unique. In 2006 Davis contributed to Shut Up and Sing, Barbara Kopple’s film about the Dixie Chicks, Tough Guys, Kopple’s contribution to the HBO Addiction series, Wade in the Water, a project about Katrina survivors, Tethered Histories, a documentary about historic Shanghai, and “Saint Misbehavin’”, featuring the life of hippie activist Wavy Gravy.

Directors or Photography

Christopher Felver

Harry Geller

Paul Lundahl

Eric Koziol